I created Dam Mad TV because I think it is well past time for someone to take the initiative and pull together all of the fragments of the truth that exist and to put that truth in everybody's face in such a way that no one can ignore it and everybody is able to grasp the truth regardless of their personal agendas and/or political preferences.

Below are two video clips that summarize what I believe to be the truth. The first of which is George Carlin's rant on the fact that it is an illusion/delusion that freedom of choice, or freeedoms of any kind, exists. Click on the linked image below to open a new window containing that video.

George Carlin
"Why Education Sucks"

George accurately described the situation back in 2005 and events in 2011 clearly indicate there is more truth in his words now than there was when he said them.

So the question is what the hell are "We, the people" to do to respond to the threats that George describes in the above video?

The first part of the answer to that question was provided in the following clip from the movie "Network" in 1976. Click on the linked image below to open a new window containing that video.

Network movie clip
"Mad as Hell"

I paraphrased the essence of the above clip (from "mad as hell" to "dam mad") as the name of this website.

The motivating principle behind Dam Mad TV is that it is not enough to just open your window and shout out your outrage and indignation at how your government is abusing your civil rights!! What is ABSOLUTELY necessary is for us to do what is best described by Bob Marley in his song "Get up, Stand up!". In fact, you can hear that song playing on the Dam Mad TV homepage - if you have the RealPlayer plugin installed in your browser!!!

For those of you who are not familiar with the lyrics of the chorus in that song it goes -

"Get up, stand up. Stand up for your rights!
Get up, stand up. Don't give up the fight!"

AND, I have taken as the slogan for Dam Mad TV the line -

"Stand up for your Rights!"

If you are interested in more information regarding the rights of US citizens, click on this link


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