DAMMAD TV is in the final stages of setting up a green screen studio so that DAMMAD TV personalities can have a background of their choice behind them as their comments and insights are being videotaped.

Rollover the above image to see the green screen disappear.

In the very near future this webpage will have links that open video files of the DAMMAD TV personalities comments and insights, please come back soon.

As well as links to online videos that explore some of the issues DAM MAD TV has chosen to address.

And here is the first of those videos that answers the question -

Exactly what do our Second Amendment rights to bear arms apply to?"

You have to watch the video all the way to the end to hear the her tell you the answer.... But all I can say it that it is worth the wait...

Below is a link to another one of George Carlin's routines called

"You Have No Rights!!".


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